Birch Leaf Ornaments

A Real Birch Leaf Ornament, Made Just for You! 

Our Birch Leaf Ornaments Made from Real Birch Leaves. 

A Real Birch Leaf is deep inside. 

Each Birch Leaf will Vary in Shape and Size. 
Birch Leaf Size Approximately:
2½ to
 3 Inches 
6.35 to 7.62 Centimeters 
Measuring from the Top to the Bottom.

Birch Leaves: 
The Birch Leaf is a Symbol of New Beginnings, Renewal, and Starting Over. It is also the Symbol of Security and Success. In Ancient Rome, Birch was a Symbol of Power and Authority. The Birch is also The National Symbol of Finland and Russia.

Our Birch Leaf Description Reads: 
The Gleaming white bark of the silver birch and its graceful branches has rightfully earned it the name, "Lady of The Woods."

Our Birch Leaf Ornaments 
Can be Packed: 

In a Gift Box - Perfect for Gift Giving 
Ribbon and Hang Tag - Perfect for Hanging 
Just the Birch Leaf - Perfect for Jewelry Making 
1 Pair of Birch Leaves - Perfect for Jewelry Making 

Our Birch Leaves carefully selected for size and shape. 

Then each leaf gets cleaned and then dried in our unique process. 

Next, it gets fully dipped in nickel during the electroplating process, then copper and the last finish of 24k Gold, Silver or Iridescent Copper. 

The Birch Leaf will come out filigreed to show its natural veins. 

We also make Lacquered Birch Leaves. 

Our Birch Leaf Ornaments are often given to Symbolize a New Beginning.