White with Purple Mouth
Real Cattleya Orchid Ornaments
Trimmed in Gold
Orchid Ornament Only

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A Real White with Purple Mouth Cattleya Orchid Ornament, Made Just for You! 

Our Cattleya Orchid Ornaments are made from Real Cattleya Orchids. 

A Real Cattleya Orchid is deep inside. 

Each Cattleya Orchid will Vary in Color, Shape, and Size. 
Cattleya Orchid Size Approximately:
x 4 Inches
10.16 x 10.16 Centimeters
Measuring from the Top to the Bottom, then Left to Right.

White with Purple Mouth Cattleya Orchids:
The Symbol of Reverence and Humility, Innocence, and Purity, and Elegance, and Beauty.

Our Cattleya Orchid Ornaments 
Can be Packed:

In a Gift Box - Perfect for Gift Giving
Ribbon and Hang Tag - Perfect for Hanging
Just the Cattleya Orchid - Perfect for Crafting

Each Cattleya Orchid is carefully selected as to its color, shape, and size.

Then, the Cattleya Orchid is Lacquered and then trimmed in Gold. Making the Cattleya Orchid Ornament Strong and Durable.

Our Cattleya Orchid Ornaments are also available in Blue, Fuchsia, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow.