Rubber Tree Leaf

Each Rubber Tree Leaf is carefully selected as to its color, shape, and size.

These “skeletonized” leaves are made by soaking fresh leaves in bleached water for a few weeks before very carefully rubbing the green substance off without damaging the delicate network of veins.

The Rubber Tree Leaves after processing are said to be Skeletonized or Ghost Leaves.

Then, the Rubber Tree Leaf is Lacquered and then is trimmed in Silver.
This makes the Rubber Tree Leaf Strong and Durable.

When you look at Our Rubber Tree Leaf Earrings you can see all the veins of the leaves. This is referred to as Filigree, Meaning the Natural Veins of the Leaves can be seen. In spots, you can see very tiny holes that were formed during the drying process. This is totally natural and adds to the beauty of the leaves.