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Jack William Lardy Jr. He and My Mom Marjorie Louise Dennewill - Lardy started Our Family Business. They didn't know it at the time, but they always encouraged me even at the age of five to start my own business. Needless to say, they were the Best Parents I could have ever hoped for. I thought everyone could have there own business, why not? They never stopped me, just always encouraged me. I followed them where ever they went and they taught me so much along the way. My Dad thought it was normal to bring his daughter along to every business meeting. I met with tenants, business owners everyone you could think of. He thought nothing of me being there. My Mom and Dad use to joke if she could make one she'll make a thousand. They loved production lines and loved watching me turn out one after another after another of what ever I was making.

In 2006 my Dad passed away and my heart broke.

My heart broke again on November 1st of 2013. Sparky, as my Dad called Her, Marjorie Louise Dennewill - Lardy passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. We will certainly miss her. There wasn't anything she couldn't do. My mom was known for building Color Televisions from Heath Kits. She became a certified locksmith by mail. She also painted the pedal cars my dad brought home from his mail route that people threw away. Lucky me...

Best known for painting the house we grew up in, she loved climbing up the scaffolding to get the high parts of the roof and lay shingles. She even cut our lawn and edged with a hand mower and edged until she was 75. In the back yard she grew her "magic tomatoes", that kept popping up, from placing leavings in the ground. My Mom had a garden all year round and often shared with the neighbors any extra that we had.

I grew up, as the neighbors would say, with "Leave It To Beaver's Mom". She baked cookies and made her famous coleslaw and macaroni and potato salad. We had a home cooked meals every night growing up. Working for Mr. Van Camp as a Legal Secretary she got us hooked on Van Camp Pork N' Beans, made cowboy style with molasses and bacon. My mom wasn't fancy and preferred a painters hat and painters pants to dresses, as she would often say, "Those pockets sure can come in handy". At my Mom's request, when you think of her, do something nice for someone else.

My Dad, Jack Lardy, is how my company started, he never stopped encouraging me. I would say it’s his, but he would say it’s mine. When I was a kid we didn't have a whole lot, but my Dad could make a whole lot out of what we had. Yes my dad was a Milk Man, a Mail Man and a Production Set Up Man for McDonnell Douglas over time. He loved finding something broken, fixing it, and making it work again.

This is what I call a family business.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

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Sincerely, Trisha
"Jack's Little Girl"

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